Happy Spring

Sure, why not…  It took long enough to get here.  After an extremely rainy spring it has been nice to have weather decent enough to work outside in.

So to kick off the season we started with gravel delivery from Green and White.  They delivered 12 yards of gravel for much less than I expected.  Their driver was talented, too.  Check out the video of him spreading the load. (Turn down the volume if you watch the YouTube video, Elsea was a little excited by the big truck!)

If you have gravel delivered, don’t skip the compacting process though.  For $33 I rented a compactor that leveled this spread into an almost concrete-like surface.

We needed some gravel on the advice that it’s a good product to use to set in fence posts.  Baah, use a bag of concrete.  We couldn’t get the gravel packed in there tight enough.

We had redwood delivered from a guy based less than 40 minutes from here (name and contact info to be posted after the final delivery).  Harvested locally and processed locally… it feels good.  It’s so fresh, that you get a pioneer feeling as one cuts and assembles it.

Right now we’re more than half way done with the 200 feet of fence that we’re installing.  We started off by renting a post hole auger.  Get the kind with two wheels and it’s pretty easy to drill a lot of holes quickly.  23 in just a little over an hour, to be exact.

Thanks to Diane for catching us with this drive-by photo shoot.  If you look really close you can see my fingers holding the level in place.  Yep, my job is to hold the level and the board… over and over, and over.  I get the quiet side of the deal, though!

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  1. Daniel says:

    it is nice to do spring cleaning along remodeling. Ill be doing mine the summer lol

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