Blackberry Removal

So I wrote to my parents:

But here’s the crazy part of the last 48 hours… This guy came in to buy a part from Jeremy on Friday and gave Jeremy his card for typing up the invoice.  Seeing that he did blackberry removal, Jeremy asked him to come over and do a bid on our place, to which the guy said that he’d go out right now and give him a call back.  He never called, but turned into the lot behind us around 6:00 that evening.  Turns out that he came over here to do the bid, saw what the folks building the house behind us were trying to do (pull out a bunch of medium sized stumps) and said “hey, I can make short work of that”.  He said since he got this job next to us that he would clear out all our blackberries and level the back quarter, and promised to have it done in time for the softball party we were hosting at 4:00.

See pictures of the process in the link to the right.  Thanks to John Smith of Santiam Cutters Inc. 541.401.0541 for the good work.

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2 Responses to Blackberry Removal

  1. Jenny says:

    hi, nice pict ^^ i like it

  2. houghtas says:

    Thanks, if I remember correctly, you saw it a few hours after it was completed. Glad no blackberries have returned (yet.)

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