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The Superfund Research Program (SRP) is a program created by Congress in the 1980’s to progress research into priority pollution identification, containment, and remediation at Superfund Sites.  This program falls under the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Science) sector of the NIH (National Institute of Health).  Oregon State University has 5 ongoing projects under the SRP Center.  Staci Simonich is the project leader for project 5 of the SRP Center.  This project is concerned with  Formation of Hazardous PAH Breakdown Products in Complex Environmental Mixtures at Superfund Sites.  Aside from important research her students get to partake in the SRP Training as dictated by the NIEHS guidelines.  This encourages interdisciplinary research, communication development, as well as community outreach participation.

Staci SRP meeting talk


In June 2016 OSU hosted a SRP Review meeting and invited area stakeholders to see the research the OSU SRP Core is working on.  The 2 day event was filled with informative talks from the 5 different SRP groups in the OSU core, as well as local EPA, ATSDR, and Portland Harbor representatives.  Simonich Lab presented our research, and Staci gave a wonderful overview of all our hard work.

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