March 2017: Staci was interviewed for PRI’s Living on Earth!  Check it out!
Dangerous Drifting Particles

January 2017: Staci was asked to write an op-ed on the incoming administrations possible repercussions on environmental research. In typical Staci style, she brings light and hope to a daunting topic.
An Inconvenient Administration

July 2016:
 National Institute of Health names ‘Sealcoat Paper (April 2016)’, work done by Ivan Titaley et al., as one of it’s Paper of the Month!  Check it out!


Celebrating the accomplishments of the latest PhD to come out of the Simonich lab!  Great job Leah!

Staci is an amazing mentor, even after you get the diploma!
Staci is an amazing mentor, even after you get the diploma!
The stands were packed - all to watch Staci hood Leah!
The stands were packed – all to watch Staci hood Leah!



May 23, 2016:  Detection of Pesticides in pond turtles getting attention!


Work performed by Leah Chibwe, Jill Schrlau, and Staci, as part of a collaboration with University of California Davis, and the National Park Service helps identify persistent pesticide movement in the environment.



May 6, 2016:  Post Doc Cleo is off for a month long cruise of the North Atlantic to monitor the cycling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by plankton!  Learn more here.

While we will miss her presence in the lab, we can’t wait to follow her progress.  Happy sailing Cleo, see you in June!

Cleo send off lunch


April 27, 2016:  Research performed by Ivan Titaley recenGCMS-Ctly making headlines!

/Seal Coat Toxicity


This work earned Ivan the 2016 ACS  Graduate Student Paper Award
by the Division of Environmental Chemistry.






gold star2015 Simonich Lab Awards: 

  • Staci Simonich (Project 5 leader)has been selected to be the recipient of the 2015 President’s Commission on the Status of Women University Mentoring and Professional Development Award. She also received an “Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award” from the OSU Graduate School.
  • Anna Chlebowksi (Project 5 Trainee) has been awarded three years of competitive NIH-funded NRSA Fellowship support for her doctoral research titled: “Toxicology and environmental occurrence of novel nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.”
  • Lisandra Santiago-Delgado (Project 5 Trainee) has been awarded a 2015 KC Donnelly Externship Award Supplement from NIEHS. Lisandra will spend time in Ada, OK with the US EPA working on thermal remediation of PAHs. See blog post
  • Leah Chibwe (Project 5 Trainee) and Greta Frey (CEC Trainee) were awarded an Oregon Lottery Graduate Scholarship for the 2015-16 academic year. These scholarships are awarded based upon the academic merit and scholarly achievement of the nominees.
  • Ivan Titaley (Project 5 Trainee) was selected by Dr. Dayle Smith as a sponsored fellow at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to get hands-on training in modeling of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. To financially support Ivan on this unique training opportunity, he has been awarded an SRP Trainee Externship Award through the SRP Training Core. This activity provides important synergy between Project 5 and Core C – Biostatistics and Modeling.
  • Leah Chibwe (Project 5 Trainee) has been selected as a winner of one of the 2015 Graduate Student Paper Awards.  This is the highest award given to students by the Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. Leah will present her paper (“Aerobic Bioremediation of PAH Contaminated Soil Results in Increased Toxicity and No Change in Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk”) this fall in Boston at the special C. Ellen Gonter Environmental Chemistry Awards Symposium.
  • Leah Chibwe (Project 5 Trainee) received one of the 2015 Graduate Student Awards in Environmental Chemistry from the Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.



More Superfund Research Program news can be found on the OSU Superfund Research Program web-page:

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