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Alexa Maione

Alexa is a Junior at Virginia Tech pursuing a B.S. in Water Resources, Policy & Management. Alexa is President of the American Water Resources Association Student Chapter at Virginia Tech, and she was recently awarded a SWURF grant to introduce an aquaponics system in the elementary school setting. She is a 2018 Sea Grant Summer Scholar working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Shellfish and Estuarine Assessment of Coastal Oregon (SEACOR) in Coos Bay, Oregon. This program monitors bay clam populations and conducts estuary habitat studies. Alexa is interested in working towards community engagement and education.

Goodbye Oregon!

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Living in Oregon was a whole new two-month life. I’ve thought for a while now about leaving for somewhere where I’d know no one and nowhere to challenge myself and call it an adventure. This wasn’t a difficult challenge. This isn’t because I’m comfortable everywhere I go and am an adaptation queen, but that I […]

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This summer I’ve been a part of the Shellfish and Estuarine Assessment of Coastal Oregon (SEACOR) team, a program of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This shellfish program conducts surveys to estimate bay clam abundance in estuaries on the Oregon coast, this summer’s field work is in Coos Bay. Recreational clamming is a popular […]

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I’ve never left a yelp review, nor have considered myself a “foodie,” but today I had a great burger. I also had great company, Rasha, another sea grant scholar. I must give a shout out to Cornucopia restaurant’s “Aloha Burger” in Eugene, Oregon. Topped with pineapple, house made slaw, and teriyaki sauce, this burger was […]

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Everything Is New

Posted by: | June 24, 2018 | 2 Comments |

Visiting from Virginia and never having been to the West Coast before, everything is new to me. This first week has been full of excitement, from seeing the different vegetation and wildlife, to realizing different cultural norms. Just yesterday while working, I saw a Bald Eagle fly, watched curious Harbor Seals watch me, then later […]

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