My Journey So Far

Hi, I’m George Mistkawi and I am currently nearing graduation in OSU’s Computer Science program. To put myself through school I work as a sushi chef, and have been working in the kitchen industry for 8 years now. If you ordered sushi at Portland City Grill on the weekend anytime between 2015 and 2018, I was probably the guy making it. I was in charge of the sushi station at PCG for 3 years, and then moved on to Bamboo Sushi SW and later to Bamboo Sushi Lake Oswego. Cooking is a deep passion of mine, but I want more regular hours and better pay, so hopefully once I finish this year out I can move on to a more stable career in software development.

My school career has taken a lot longer because of balancing course work with full-time work, but this will be my last year. I transferred to OSU from Portland Community College where I took several elective courses to learn the .NET framework and C#. This knowledge helped me get an internship working for ODOT through an OSU program, where I further polished my .NET framework skills. At this point I’m a little rusty, but the .NET framework was probably my favorite to work with. I really like to work with the back-end because I don’t really have an eye for design.

I’m really hoping to get some solid practice in this year for the professional environment, and I can’t wait to get started on the capstone project. Here’s hoping this school year turns out excellent.

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