Week 9: Self Reflection

1. What am I good at? I am good at communication. I am a skilled writer and am able to convey my thoughts through grammatically accurate writing. I am also a good presenter and am able to speak confidently to a room.

2. What do I value? I value a strong work-ethic and compassion. I have goals and ambitions, but how I go upon achieving them almost matters more to me than the destination. I am a very empathetic person, and I love this about myself but it also can weight heavy on me at times.

3. How did I get here? I became a strong writer through trial and error. I had a lot of help with my writing from my mom as a child. I also have become a better communicator through taking on leadership roles and handling communications for teams I am on.

4. Where am I going? Thinking big– I want to become a successful Human Resources Manager. Thinking short term, I want to ace all my classes this term and spend the Summer bettering myself. I want to learn more computer skills this summer and use this to my benefit in the Fall when I begin my BIS course work.

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