Week 4: Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

The three words I want to have represent my brand are intelligent, hardworking, and leader. While there are many other traits I aspire to have and portray through my brand, I believe these three sum up who I am, professionally, very well. On a first impression with a potential employer, I want to come across as competent. I think we all want to be taken seriously by others, and a big part of this is demonstrated through active listening and communication. Communication is one of my strongest skills, which I think benefits my brand well. Additionally, I have taken on many leadership roles during my time at OSU, which has helped me communicate my leadership potential to others. Through my resume and an introduction, I am also able to communicate my work ethic to employers by speaking to the various classes, activities and work experiences I have taken part in.

I would market myself in a creative way by taking a photograph of my profile and then filling the inside with professional work experiences, projects, and accomplishments. I think that this idea would be both artistic and informative to my skills and abilities. I would include resume-type items on this graphic so that each item was direct, easy to read, and action-oriented. Where a resume lacks personality, this marketing ad would be creative and unique to who I am. By outlining my face, it would also show an image of me to potential employers. I have always loved photography and photo editing, so this project in itself would cater to a hobby of mine and something that differentiates me.

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3 replies on “Week 4: Critiquing a Recruitment Ad”

Your approach to creatively representing yourself using a profile filled with your qualifications and experiences is a great idea! Not only does it illustrate your creative background, but it allows for information to be displayed in a visually appealing way. I also liked that you highlighted your top three characteristics so that anyone can easily conclude what you feel your strengths are. Bolding these characteristics also caught my eye and allows for a straight to the point introduction. This concise way of starting off your brand explanation allows for a clear sense of who you are as both a person and as a future employee. Great job!

I think that the multimedia situation wanted ad is a great idea. It would definitely work to show off a piece of your personality while also presenting your professional aptitude. I would be interested in seeing an example of your vision for this piece if the situation arose!

I totally agree that a resume lacks personality. I think your idea is a great way to show who you are beyond the things written in a resume. Bringing in your photograph is also a great way for potential employers to put a face to your name while they look at all of your experience at the same time. Great idea!

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