Graduate Students

Zach Pike-Urlacher, MS, Water Resource Policy and Management, in progress

Kyle Hogrefe, Ph.D., Geography, in progress

Rachael Davee, MS, 2017, Geography, “Transforming Watershed Governance in Oregon through Beaver Related Watershed Restoration”

Detwiler, Stacey, MS, 2016, Water Resource Policy and Management, “Rivers and Roads: Exploring How Environmental Governance Impacts State Management of Forest Roads in Oregon, Washington and California”

Sundstrom, Shiloh, Ph.D. (posthumous), 2016, Geography, “Don’t Fence Me In: Political Ecology of Landowner-Driven, Community-Based Wildlife Conservation and Livestock Development in Kenya’s Maasailand”

Colon-Almodovar, Yamilette, MS, 2015, Geography, “Social, Ecological, and Economic Outcomes Associated with Stewardship Forestry in the Siuslaw Watershed”

Bennett, Drew, Ph.D., 2015, Geography, “Investing Upstream: A Social-Ecological Systems Perspective on Water Utility Investments in Ecosystem Services”

Chaffin, Brian, Ph.D., 2014, Geography, “Reallocating Resources, Rebuilding Community: The Klamath Basin Agreements and the Emergence of Adaptive Governance”

Smedstad, Jill, MS, 2012, Geography, “Exploring Pathways to Adaptive Collaborative Management: A Multi-Case Study of the National Riparian Service Team’s Place-Based Riparian Assistance”

Burright, Harmony, MS, 2012, Water Resource Policy and Management, “Beyond Random Acts of Conservation: An Institutional Analysis of the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Agricultural Water Enhancement Program”

Paulekas, Robyn, MS, 2010, Water Resource Policy and Management, “Fostering Social-Ecological Resilience in the Upper Klamath Basin: The National Riparian Service Team’s Creeks & Communities Strategy as an Emerging Model for Government in Adaptive Co-Management”

Duncan, Jim, MS, 2010 , Geography, “The Effects of Alternative Future Development Scenarios on Ecological Patterns and Social-Ecological Resilience in Central Oregon”

Baker, Jeff, MS, 2010 , Geography, “A Spatial Assessment of Conservation Opportunities in the Willamette River Floodplain Between Corvallis and Albany, Oregon”

Straus, Emily, MS, 2008, Geography, “Incorporating an “Environment and Society” Geography Curriculum into Field-Based Environmental Education at The Mountain Institute, West Virginia”

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