Are you or will you soon be an OSU alumnus?  Are you looking for a job?   Connect with other OSU alumni by joining the Beaver Careers Group on LinkedIn.

Being an Oregon State graduate means enjoying a lifelong connection to other alumni and to the university.  As an OSU Beaver, you can do more than simply network. You can maximize your professional and personal success by using Oregon State Alumni Association resources throughout your life.  And this new Beaver Careers Group on LinkedIn is just one of those resources.

Check it out!

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Commencement Dinner speaker!

Each spring, Provost Sabah Randhawa invites OSU Academic Deans to nominate graduating seniors to speak at the Commencement Dinner hosted by President Ed Ray.

This year’s senior is none other than the College of Forestry’s Todd Bertwell!  Todd is a Forest Management student who was selected  to speak out of every nomination University-wide. The College of Forestry is very proud.   He will speak at the dinner on Saturday, June 15 about what Oregon State University has meant to him and his life.  Congratulations, Todd!

Todd is pictured above with CoF Dean Thomas Maness at the recent CoF Spring Awards Ceremony where we was honored as the 2013 Outstanding Student in the Forest Management Program.  Todd was also the Senior Speaker for the event.

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Change of Grading Basis or Course Withdrawal

Last chance for S/U or W

Still thinking about an S/U or W for any of your classes? This is the week to decide.

The deadline for changing your grading basis to S/U  is 5 p.m. Friday and withdrawing from a class via the Web is 11:55 p.m. Friday. Your adviser can help you make the right decision, plus changing to an S/U requires an adviser’s signature, so contact your adviser today.

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We’re Back!

The Fernhopper Blog is back!  We’ve been on hiatus for a while but we’re back and have lots of great information to share.  Be sure to check back regularly for information on advising, academic policies you need to know about, events, job opportunities, etc.

Checking your grades!

You’ve likely completed some midterms by now, and with those grades, you should have an idea of how well you’re doing in your classes. If you’re not sure, check the MyGrades area of Blackboard and/or contact your professors after class, during office hours or via email.

The best-case scenario is that you’re happy with your grades, and if so, continue doing what’s working. But if your grades could be better, you can take action to improve things before the end of the term.

When you contact your professors, ask for specific ways you can do better in their classes. It might be improving your listening, note taking or time management habits.

You can also get help from the Academic Success Center, Writing Center and Collaborative Learning Center (CLC). If you’re living on campus, take advantage of the weekly tutoring sessions in your residence hall. If you’re taking classes online, contact the Ecampus Student Services Center for assistance.

Still, there may be instances where even if you’re giving a class your best effort, you’re still concerned about your grade and how it might affect your GPA. Remember you have options, and your adviser can help you choose the right one:

  • Consider changing your grading basis from A-F to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) if it’s a bacc core class or not required for your major, minor or option. A grade of S — the equivalent of a C- or above — counts as credit toward graduation, but neither an S nor U grade affect your GPA. Changing to an S/U requires an adviser’s signature.
  • Consider withdrawing from the class. This should be a last resort if you, your professor and/or adviser believe you’re not likely to pass. Keep in mind, however, that to retain your financial aid, you must remain a full-time student (12 credits or more) in most cases. A grade of W will appear on your transcript.

The deadline for switching to an S/U or W is Friday, May 17, so act now, and have a good week!



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Schedule your Spring term advising appointment!

Week 5 means it’s almost time to meet with your academic adviser (if you haven’t already this term).

Make an appointment soon, because priority registration for spring term begins Feb. 24, and your adviser can help you make the most of your options and opportunities, especially which classes to take. Keep in mind that your adviser’s schedule can fill up fast, contact your adviser this week and beat the rush!

Remember to be prepared for talking to your adviser, with a list of potential classes for the next term and any questions you may have.

During this first year, it’s likely that many of your classes are to fulfill Oregon State’s Baccalaureate Core. And if you didn’t know already, the bacc core offers a lot of variety. You can even choose from a playlist of bacc core classes to match up with specific interests such as sustainability, teaching or global topics. Check out the playlists that appeal to you — you’re bound to find some classes you’ll look forward to taking.

Make that advising appointment, and have a great week!


Don’t have any questions for your adviser? Here are some things to consider:

  • How’s this first year going so far? Think about what’s working for you, what isn’t and what you’d like to do about it.
  • Are there activities or other student involvement opportunities that interest you? Ask your adviser about student clubs, undergraduate research, Study Abroad and volunteer opportunities.
  • Check your progress on the first-year skills courses — including writing I, speech and, mathematics — to be completed in your first 45 credits at Oregon State.
  • Continue to check MyDegrees each term. This versatile online tool can help you track your academic progress and identify the courses you need to earn your degree. If you’re still deciding on a major, use the What If tool to map out different scenarios and then talk them through with your adviser.

Maybe you already have a career in mind. Ask your adviser about what classes will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in it. And it’s never too early to ask about internships! Employers like to see students with hands-on, real-world work experience.


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Study Abroad Opportunities!

National Taiwan University “Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan” one-month program (June 22 – July 21)  Application deadline:  March 1

Developing Resilient Rural Communities” in Japan (June 17 – July 31) Application deadline:  March 8

“Innovation, Conservation & Design with Natural Resources: Insights from Scandinavia” (Aug. 21 – September 6) Application deadline:  March 1

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Prepare for the Fair!

The annual SAF Student Chapter Job Fair is not too far away.  Mark your calendars now for Tuesday, February 5, 2013 and plan to be there!  As always, the fair will take place in the 3 “knuckles” or lobbies of Richardson Hall.  We unusually see around 25 companies or agencies from around the state and region.

What can you do now to prepare?  Well, glad you asked!  Visit Career Services in the Kerr Admin Building for help in preparing or improving your resume.  You may already have a resume but maybe you want to consider alternate or more noteworthy ways to visibly show your skills and experiences.  Or perhaps you don’t have a resume or much job experience.  Career Services can help you highlight your education, transferable skills, and extra-curricular activities in such a way that your abilities stand out over your lack of employment history.  It’s worth a trip to Kerr.  But, here’s a hint, don’t go unprepared!  Draft out a resume that you can work from.  Be sure to list any jobs you’ve had, any special certificates, awards, etc. you’ve earned including scholarships, sports you’ve played, clubs you’ve joined especially if you’ve had a leadership role…you get the idea.  Career Services also offers mock interview workshops and cover letter assistance.  It’s nearly too good to be true and way too good to pass up!  So, make way over to Kerr and get yourself prepared for the SAF Job Fair!

What can you expect from the job fair?
There will be tables or booths set up in the RH lobbies for each employer.  They’ll have displays, information, and representatives ready to talk to all interested students.  They may also be conducting interviews that same day or later in the week.  They may ask for your resume.

What do potential employers expect of you?
First and foremost, employers will expect you to present yourself and behave professionally.  And while that doesn’t just mean LOOKING professional it doesn’t hurt to mention here that you should NOT wear jeans and a t-shirt to the job fair.  Rather, dress as you would for an interview – and for lack of an easier way to describe it, the term “office casual” will generally suffice for the job fair.  They will also expect you to be prepared with your resume in hand.  They will expect you to have questions and show interest in their organization.  They will want you to know your schedule so that if they offer you an interview you can set up a time without hesitation.  They will expect you to speak clearly and competently (no slang, “likes,” “you knows,” “OMGs” or other texting jargon, etc.).  And while you might never think of it they’ll expect you to have a confident handshake – no limp fish at the job fair!  Need more guidance?  Visit Career Services for the full array of assistance!


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Opportunity is knocking!

As the SAF Student Chapter Job Fair approaches, many companies are planning visits to the CoF either for information sessions or for interviews (pre- and post- job fair).  Take a look at the opportunities below and then visit Career Services in the Kerr Admin Building to prep your resumes, cover letter, and interview skills.  Don’t let this opportunity that’s been dropped smack dab in your lap pass you by!  And absolutely don’t forget to go to the job fair – February 5th 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in all 3 RH knuckles.

Weyerhaeuser, drop- in information session
January 23, 2013
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in RH 201Q

Lone Rock Timber, Information Night
January 24, 2013
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Pvy 104

Sierra Pacific Industries, Information Night
January 30, 2013
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Pvy 104


COMPANIES INTERVIEWING  – be on the lookout for sign-up sheets/emails/etc.

Lone Rock Timber
January 25th
Sign-up sheets in Peavy 140

January 30, 2012
Sign-up sheets in Peavy 140

Universal Forest Products
February 6th
Look for them at the February 5th job fair for info on available jobs!

Roseburg Forest Products
February 12th
Information in Peavy 140

Seneca Jones
February 14th
Look for them at the February 5th job fair for info on available jobs!



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Employer visits to CoF

Hello and welcome to Winter term!

As you may know the SAF Student Chapter Job Fair is coming up on February 5th at 10:00 a.m. in all 3 Richardson Hall knuckles.  But prior to that Weyerhaeuser, Sierra Pacific Industries, and Lone Rock Timber will be visiting the CoF to talk about employment opportunities with their companies.  Come prepared with a resume and questions and, of course, a winning smile!

Weyerhaeuser, drop- in information session
January 23, 2013
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in RH 201Q

Lone Rock Timber, Information Night
January 24, 2013
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Pvy 104

Sierra Pacific Industries
January 30, 2013
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Pvy 104


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2013-14 Scholarship Application

As finals wind down and you take a much needed and deserved rest over Winter break, don’t forget to apply for CoF Scholarships for the 2013-14 academic year.  Just remember how quickly Fall term went by and how busy you were and then use some of the free time you have coming up over the break to complete and submit your application.  You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Here’s the link to the scholarship page:

After you read through the instructions, you’ll see the link to the application near the bottom of the page.  Please, please read the instructions first!

The application deadline is February 1, 2013 (no exceptions what-so-ever).  Please use some of your time over the upcoming holidays to complete your application.  It really is pretty simple and straightforward.

Here’s an insider tip!  Take some time to think about your short essays/statements.  You only have 300 words to express yourself so do so wisely and with care.  And another hint.  Yes, tuition is ever-increasing and that can feel really overwhelming and a scholarship would help you concentrate less on expenses and more on school so don’t use your 300 words relay that information.  Think about about what makes you or your situation unique, your experiences and contributions to forestry and natural resources truly valuable, and your education so important.

Have a great Winter break!

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