ONID email update information

With the launch of Google Apps for OSU, new ONID accounts are configured so that ONID email is delivered via Google. Over the Fall term, this means that some students will still receive ONID email via the old ONID webmail system, while some students will receive ONID email by logging into Google Apps for OSU at http://oregonstate.edu/google.

I fanyone with a newly created ONID account tries to access their email via the old webmail system, they will see one email message with the subject line of “ONID Email on Google.” This email instructs the user on how to access their ONID email via Google Apps for OSU. Anyone who has receives this message should follow the instructions in that email.

Students are NOT being given “gmail” addresses. Instead, the Google Mail app at Google Apps for OSU will be the new location for messages sent to and from @onid.orst.edu and @onid.oregonstate.edu email addresses.


The Google Implementation Team


PS – All students are being encouraged to opt in to Google Mail over the Fall term, as it gives them access to advanced tools and a great deal more storage space than with the ONID webmail system. For details, please see http://oregonstate.edu/main/online-services/google-apps-for-osu/opt-in.

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Some safety tips as you prepare to return to campus:

As the summer comes to an end, and we begin to ramp up for the new school year, the Oregon State Police at the Oregon State University would like to remind everyone of a few things that may help prevent theft on the Oregon State University Campus.

During this time of year, we have staff moving into their offices and new students moving into their dorm halls and residences. With all of these moves comes an abundance of new gadgets, laptops, smartphones and other new and exciting things. This also creates an opportunity rich environment for thieves to take advantage of the fact that everyone is new, and we may not all recognize the people walking around our buildings or dorm halls.

Here are a few helpful pointers that the Oregon State Police would like to provide to the campus community for keeping your property safe:

  • Lock your office doors whenever you away from them, even if it will only be for a few minutes. Recently, we have taken multiple theft reports where the victim was only away from their office for a matter of moments.
  • Lock your dorm room doors. We know that we all want everyone to be able to trust one another, and believe that your friends down the hall would not come into your room to steal our things. Unfortunately this is not the reality, and we take reports every year of thefts from an unlocked dorm room.
  • Lock your vehicle doors, and do not leave anything of value visible through your car windows. Also, don’t leave your car parked in the same space for days and weeks without moving it around.
  • Lock up your bicycles, preferably with a U-lock, which is more difficult for a thief to defeat. Don’t just lock the front or rear wheels, lock the frame of the bicycle to a secure object.
  • Do not leave backpacks, laptops, smartphones, iPod/iPads or anything else of value unattended. PERIOD. Not in the library, the classroom, hallway, or anywhere that you will not be able to physically see your property. All too often, we take theft reports where the victim walked away from their property to use the restroom only to return and find their belongings gone.
  • Report any suspicious persons or behavior. We would rather have a report about a person that ended up not having committed a crime, than to miss the opportunity to catch a criminal stealing your property.
  • You can register your serialized property, i.e. laptops and such including bicycles with the Department of Public Safety located at 200 Cascade Hall. Registration of your property will greatly improve our ability to find it.

Finally, we would like to welcome everyone back to the Oregon State University to have a safe and successful year. If you have any questions or would like to contact the Department of Public Safety or the Oregon State Police, do not hesitate to call (541)737-3010.


Trooper John Wolfenbarger

Oregon State Police

University Patrol Office

200 Cascade Hall Corvallis, OR 97331

Phone: (541)737-3010

Fax: (541)737-0468

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Grad School Prep

Attention seniors!  Are you thinking of going to graduate school?  Well consider this helpful class:


Applying for graduate or professional school can be a daunting task. How and where to apply, how to choose an advisor, what to look for in a school, and how to obtain funding are hurdles to overcome during the application process. Supplemental materials will be provided as part of the course materials.   For more information, contact: BRENDA McCOMB, 300 KAD, 541-737-6281

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Congratulations Fernhoppers!

Congratulations to all of our College of Forestry 2012-13 Graduates!

We are very proud of you and your accomplishments!    Keep in touch with us via Facebook!

If you’re still on the hunt for that permanent position visit the CoF Jobs Page.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors.


The Fernhopper Blog is taking the summer off.  We’ll be back in mid-September with updates, news, advising information, etc.  If we have something exciting to tell you about during the summer we’ll post it on Facebook.


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The Career Trail – Prep by Step

Check out this great new program offered by OSU Career Services:   The Career Trail: Prep by Step!

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Are you or will you soon be an OSU alumnus?  Are you looking for a job?   Connect with other OSU alumni by joining the Beaver Careers Group on LinkedIn.

Being an Oregon State graduate means enjoying a lifelong connection to other alumni and to the university.  As an OSU Beaver, you can do more than simply network. You can maximize your professional and personal success by using Oregon State Alumni Association resources throughout your life.  And this new Beaver Careers Group on LinkedIn is just one of those resources.

Check it out!

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Commencement Dinner speaker!

Each spring, Provost Sabah Randhawa invites OSU Academic Deans to nominate graduating seniors to speak at the Commencement Dinner hosted by President Ed Ray.

This year’s senior is none other than the College of Forestry’s Todd Bertwell!  Todd is a Forest Management student who was selected  to speak out of every nomination University-wide. The College of Forestry is very proud.   He will speak at the dinner on Saturday, June 15 about what Oregon State University has meant to him and his life.  Congratulations, Todd!

Todd is pictured above with CoF Dean Thomas Maness at the recent CoF Spring Awards Ceremony where we was honored as the 2013 Outstanding Student in the Forest Management Program.  Todd was also the Senior Speaker for the event.

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Change of Grading Basis or Course Withdrawal

Last chance for S/U or W

Still thinking about an S/U or W for any of your classes? This is the week to decide.

The deadline for changing your grading basis to S/U  is 5 p.m. Friday and withdrawing from a class via the Web is 11:55 p.m. Friday. Your adviser can help you make the right decision, plus changing to an S/U requires an adviser’s signature, so contact your adviser today.

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We’re Back!

The Fernhopper Blog is back!  We’ve been on hiatus for a while but we’re back and have lots of great information to share.  Be sure to check back regularly for information on advising, academic policies you need to know about, events, job opportunities, etc.

Checking your grades!

You’ve likely completed some midterms by now, and with those grades, you should have an idea of how well you’re doing in your classes. If you’re not sure, check the MyGrades area of Blackboard and/or contact your professors after class, during office hours or via email.

The best-case scenario is that you’re happy with your grades, and if so, continue doing what’s working. But if your grades could be better, you can take action to improve things before the end of the term.

When you contact your professors, ask for specific ways you can do better in their classes. It might be improving your listening, note taking or time management habits.

You can also get help from the Academic Success Center, Writing Center and Collaborative Learning Center (CLC). If you’re living on campus, take advantage of the weekly tutoring sessions in your residence hall. If you’re taking classes online, contact the Ecampus Student Services Center for assistance.

Still, there may be instances where even if you’re giving a class your best effort, you’re still concerned about your grade and how it might affect your GPA. Remember you have options, and your adviser can help you choose the right one:

  • Consider changing your grading basis from A-F to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) if it’s a bacc core class or not required for your major, minor or option. A grade of S — the equivalent of a C- or above — counts as credit toward graduation, but neither an S nor U grade affect your GPA. Changing to an S/U requires an adviser’s signature.
  • Consider withdrawing from the class. This should be a last resort if you, your professor and/or adviser believe you’re not likely to pass. Keep in mind, however, that to retain your financial aid, you must remain a full-time student (12 credits or more) in most cases. A grade of W will appear on your transcript.

The deadline for switching to an S/U or W is Friday, May 17, so act now, and have a good week!



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Schedule your Spring term advising appointment!

Week 5 means it’s almost time to meet with your academic adviser (if you haven’t already this term).

Make an appointment soon, because priority registration for spring term begins Feb. 24, and your adviser can help you make the most of your options and opportunities, especially which classes to take. Keep in mind that your adviser’s schedule can fill up fast, contact your adviser this week and beat the rush!

Remember to be prepared for talking to your adviser, with a list of potential classes for the next term and any questions you may have.

During this first year, it’s likely that many of your classes are to fulfill Oregon State’s Baccalaureate Core. And if you didn’t know already, the bacc core offers a lot of variety. You can even choose from a playlist of bacc core classes to match up with specific interests such as sustainability, teaching or global topics. Check out the playlists that appeal to you — you’re bound to find some classes you’ll look forward to taking.

Make that advising appointment, and have a great week!


Don’t have any questions for your adviser? Here are some things to consider:

  • How’s this first year going so far? Think about what’s working for you, what isn’t and what you’d like to do about it.
  • Are there activities or other student involvement opportunities that interest you? Ask your adviser about student clubs, undergraduate research, Study Abroad and volunteer opportunities.
  • Check your progress on the first-year skills courses — including writing I, speech and, mathematics — to be completed in your first 45 credits at Oregon State.
  • Continue to check MyDegrees each term. This versatile online tool can help you track your academic progress and identify the courses you need to earn your degree. If you’re still deciding on a major, use the What If tool to map out different scenarios and then talk them through with your adviser.

Maybe you already have a career in mind. Ask your adviser about what classes will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in it. And it’s never too early to ask about internships! Employers like to see students with hands-on, real-world work experience.


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