Winter term begins!

Happy New Year and welcome to Winter Term!

Start the new year off right by utilizing many of the helpful resources available on campus!

Career Services

Academic Success Center

The Valley Library

Veterans Connection Program

Counseling & Psychological Services

Student Health Services



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Google Apps for OSU

If you have not yet moved your ONID email over to Google Apps for OSU, please read below!

Students have been encouraged to opt in to Google since the start of Fall term, and the opt in period ends December 26th. At that point, any student who has not opted in will have their ONID mailbox moved automatically to Google between December 26th and 31st.


Following the change, students will need to login to to access their ONID email. Students may also set up access to their ONID email on their mobile devices using Google’s mobile apps.


Students are not getting “new” email addresses as a result of this move, and they will still receive email sent to their address. The email they send from Google Apps for OSU will use their address. The bottom line is that you do not have to change the way you contact students via email.


This change gives students all the benefits that Google Apps provide: a 30 GB mailbox, advanced tools and functionality, and anytime, anywhere access through Google’s mobile apps and web interface.


The OSU Computer Helpdesk will continue to support ONID email and they also support all of Google Apps for OSU. If you or the students you work with have questions, you may contact the Helpdesk at



The Google Implementation Team

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Peavy Arboretum – a great resource for students and the public!

Check out College Forests recreation manager Ryan Brown and Recreation Resource Management major, Sam Dussel, in the “Grant’s Getaways” video series from Travel Oregon, the state’s official tourism guide.

The OSU College Forests are living laboratories where active forest management practices provide teaching, research and demonstration opportunities for students of all ages, forest managers, and Oregonians.

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2014-15 CoF Scholarship Application is OPEN!

I’m pleased to tell you that the application for 2014-15 College of Forestry scholarship awards is now open! 

All the information you need to know, including a link to the application itself, can be found here:

Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly.  Don’t delay submitting your application!  Late applications will not be accepted.  The deadline to submit your completed application is February 15, 2014.

Please stop by the Student Services Office, Peavy 248, or call us at 541-737-1594 if you have any questions.


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Mid-terms are coming up!

Can you believe that mid-terms are right around the corner?  It seems like the term just started.  Well, get a jump on your mid-term studies and visit the Academic Success Center!  Located in Waldo Hall, the Academic Success Center can:

1) help you improve your study skills

2) offer study tables

3) provide supplemental instruction

4) offer academic coaching

5) help with papers and presentations

And so much more!  Visit the Academic Success Center today!

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Upcoming Employer Visits

As we make our way through Fall term and with winter slowly approaching, now is the time to visit Career Services in the basement of the Kerr Admin Building to get your resume and cover letters ready.  “Why now?” you may be asking.  Well, because in October Weyerhaeuser will be visiting campus for an information session and because Summit Forest Products and NW Hardwoods will be holding interviews in Peavy!  If you have an interest in learning more about these companies or perhaps even interviewing with them, you want to be sure your resume is updated and impressive.

Keep an eye on this blog and your ONID email for more information about visiting employers later in Fall term.  Generally we see many companies visiting us in November and January.  And before you know it it will be February and time for the SAF Student Chapter Job Fair were over 30 companies and agencies descend on Richardson Hall looking to hire our outstanding students.


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Garden Club of America Scholarships

Scholarships and fellowships are available for both graduate and undergraduate students in the study of Landscape Architecture, Summer Environmental Studies, Biology, Horticulture, Native Bird Habitat, Coastal Wetlands, Garden History and Design, and Ecological Restoration.

Detailed information on the GCA scholarship programs is available online at


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Welcome! And Welcome Back!

Hello CoF students,

We hope you had a restful but fun and exciting summer.   Are you ready for Fall term?  Maybe not…  Well, if not, here are a few helpful hints to get you started.

Be sure to know the academic calendar and associated deadlines.  We do post these deadlines on the white board in Peavy Courtyard and in the SLC, but it’s great if you know where you can access the information any time of day or night.

The deadline to add and drop classes for Fall term is, as always, the end of the 2nd week of the term.  That’s October 11th this year.  But note that you do need departmental permission if you are going to add a class in the 2nd week of the term and not many programs/departments allow that so be sure to visit our office or your advisor if you have questions.

The SAF Student Chapter Job Fair is planned for early February.  Get a jump on things and visit the Career Services Center in the basement of the Kerr Admin Building during Fall term!  Practice your interview skills, brush up your resume, and check out their new program called The Career Trail.

The big news for us this summer is that we’ve moved!  Yes, the Student Services Office has relocated from Peavy 140 to Peavy 248.  You’ll find us right next to the SLC.  Stop by to say hi and meet our new staff.   Remember that Clay will have drop in hours each Monday from 10-12 and again on Thursday from 3-5 but that most, if not all, of your questions can be answered by the staff in the Student Services Office.

Our other big news is that a new advisor for the FE, FE/CE, FOM, and new Forestry (both options) programs has been hired!  Welcome, Sandy Jameson!  Sandy can be found in Peavy 204 and is ready and able to help you with your academic advising.   Sandy can also be reached at 541-737-8691 or

Have a great term and please do check this blog each week for new information – and of course, don’t forget to read your Fernhopper Newsletter coming to your ONID email each week!

- The Student Services Office
[Clay, Kira, Melissa, Brittany, and Carrie (RRM) and Amy (NR)]

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ONID email update information

With the launch of Google Apps for OSU, new ONID accounts are configured so that ONID email is delivered via Google. Over the Fall term, this means that some students will still receive ONID email via the old ONID webmail system, while some students will receive ONID email by logging into Google Apps for OSU at

I fanyone with a newly created ONID account tries to access their email via the old webmail system, they will see one email message with the subject line of “ONID Email on Google.” This email instructs the user on how to access their ONID email via Google Apps for OSU. Anyone who has receives this message should follow the instructions in that email.

Students are NOT being given “gmail” addresses. Instead, the Google Mail app at Google Apps for OSU will be the new location for messages sent to and from and email addresses.


The Google Implementation Team


PS – All students are being encouraged to opt in to Google Mail over the Fall term, as it gives them access to advanced tools and a great deal more storage space than with the ONID webmail system. For details, please see

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Some safety tips as you prepare to return to campus:

As the summer comes to an end, and we begin to ramp up for the new school year, the Oregon State Police at the Oregon State University would like to remind everyone of a few things that may help prevent theft on the Oregon State University Campus.

During this time of year, we have staff moving into their offices and new students moving into their dorm halls and residences. With all of these moves comes an abundance of new gadgets, laptops, smartphones and other new and exciting things. This also creates an opportunity rich environment for thieves to take advantage of the fact that everyone is new, and we may not all recognize the people walking around our buildings or dorm halls.

Here are a few helpful pointers that the Oregon State Police would like to provide to the campus community for keeping your property safe:

  • Lock your office doors whenever you away from them, even if it will only be for a few minutes. Recently, we have taken multiple theft reports where the victim was only away from their office for a matter of moments.
  • Lock your dorm room doors. We know that we all want everyone to be able to trust one another, and believe that your friends down the hall would not come into your room to steal our things. Unfortunately this is not the reality, and we take reports every year of thefts from an unlocked dorm room.
  • Lock your vehicle doors, and do not leave anything of value visible through your car windows. Also, don’t leave your car parked in the same space for days and weeks without moving it around.
  • Lock up your bicycles, preferably with a U-lock, which is more difficult for a thief to defeat. Don’t just lock the front or rear wheels, lock the frame of the bicycle to a secure object.
  • Do not leave backpacks, laptops, smartphones, iPod/iPads or anything else of value unattended. PERIOD. Not in the library, the classroom, hallway, or anywhere that you will not be able to physically see your property. All too often, we take theft reports where the victim walked away from their property to use the restroom only to return and find their belongings gone.
  • Report any suspicious persons or behavior. We would rather have a report about a person that ended up not having committed a crime, than to miss the opportunity to catch a criminal stealing your property.
  • You can register your serialized property, i.e. laptops and such including bicycles with the Department of Public Safety located at 200 Cascade Hall. Registration of your property will greatly improve our ability to find it.

Finally, we would like to welcome everyone back to the Oregon State University to have a safe and successful year. If you have any questions or would like to contact the Department of Public Safety or the Oregon State Police, do not hesitate to call (541)737-3010.


Trooper John Wolfenbarger

Oregon State Police

University Patrol Office

200 Cascade Hall Corvallis, OR 97331

Phone: (541)737-3010

Fax: (541)737-0468

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