Roots of Resilience: Teachers Awakening Children’s Healing is an innovative program which combines online modules with online coaching to support children who have experienced early childhood trauma. Trauma can be caused by child abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence, parental mental illness or substance abuse, loss of a family member, and other adverse events. Children who have experienced trauma face challenges in development, school readiness and success, and health.

The goal of Roots of Resilience is to help teachers to care for and educate children who may have experienced difficult life events. Difficult life events are common, and can impact how children learn and grow. In addition to your nurturing and support, teachers can help children overcome challenges by providing supportive and engaging care. Roots of Resilience is designed to help teachers provide this care for all children.

Funding: Institute of Education Sciences, Department of Education

Timeline: September 2015-July 2019

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