The Connect Research Group is all about connections! We aim to identify ways to support children, families, and communities to overcome adversity and build resilience through connections.

Children, Families, and Teachers

Our research generates knowledge to connect children and families with experiences to support their development. We examine both at-home, and out-of-home early care and education settings. We focus on children and families who face adversity, such as trauma, poverty, unsupportive relationships, and neurobiological risks.


Another area of emphasis for us is to better understand systems, and connections within communities that can drive the development and well-being of all children.

Research approaches

We use various approaches to address our research aims: evaluation of policies and programs, basic research on children’s development, analysis of administrative data, literature reviews, and rapid cycle intervention research.

We are deeply grateful for our own connections with community partners and academic colleagues who are integral to the success of our endeavors!


Follow our exciting advances on research on our News and Updates page!

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