After 25 years of supporting industry with the OSU Surimi School and Surimi Industry Forum, we are transitioning to the Better Seafood Processing School (BSPS) in collaboration with Seafood Products Association (SPA). The focus of this workshop is on seafood quality issues as related to utilization, innovation, and compliance.

The 2018 program addressed needs and concerns of Quality Assurance/Quality Control staff working in the seafood industry while highlighting Research and Development during the Innovation session. As seafood processing involves a variety of departments working together as a team to successfully process quality seafood, processors, sanitation, and others, benefited from attending as well.

The 2018 educational objectives  of the BSPS were to provide a general understanding and background of seafood quality, value and compliance as well as hands on lab training to help attendees understand the what, how, and most importantly why different variables impact seafood quality. The expectation was for attendees who participated in the BSPS to bring value to their companies through increased awareness of seafood quality issues cause/effect as well as understanding the impact of conducting proper quality testing and maintaining compliance. Attendees could also apply Certified Food Scientist credits.

Attendee feedback following the 2018 program was extremely positive and annual offering of the BSPS was overwhelmingly suggested. The planning committee will soon be meeting to begin organizing the second Better Seafood Processing School to offered Spring 2019. Additional details will follow!!

We sincerely thank our SPONSORS for their support and contributions that enabled us to provide a successful program for our industry members as we work to cultivate seafood for the future

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