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OSU’s ASSP Student Section is designed for students who are pursuing a career in the environmental, safety, and health-related fields. ASSP seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen areas of study, as well as promote interaction between students and safety professionals.

A 2015 ASSP survey of more than 9,000 occupational health and safety professionals reveals they earn an annual average base salary of $98,000, an increase of $8,000 since the survey was taken two years ago. Now is an exciting time to be entering this career field!

OSU’s student section is sponsored by the ASSP Columbia-Willamette Chapter, and becoming a member is free for the first year for OSU students.  Please see our become a member page for details.

Please check our events page for information on upcoming meetings and events.

Faculty Advisor | Laurel Kincl
ASSP Columbia-Willamette Chapter Advisor | Marcus Silkman
ASSP website | ASSP Columbia Willamette Chapter