Most Important Thing I Learned

Over the course of this term, we have gathered a lot of valuable insight into bettering our future and gaining an understanding of how to stand out when looking for jobs. Some lessons have proven to be more useful than others. Still, everyone has interpreted them differently and walked away with something that they can benefit from and take with them going forward.

For me the most important thing I learned not necessarily came from a lesson but overall just from this course in general. I mainly learned that there is so much that can go into the job search and application process than we even realize. Understanding job descriptions and applying them to the skills you have is way tougher than you may think especially if an employer is looking to hire someone specifically and if you’re not a specific person then you may not have a chance at getting the job you desire. Additionally, learning about cognitive tests in order to get a job for me something that I never took into consideration but a lot of companies use it in order to find a candidate that stands out. Lastly doing everything right also may not work out for you just because companies are looking to hire a diverse set of employees and if they have too much of employee that is just like you are how’s your qualities and sometimes they want to diversify more in on the flipside of that some companies don’t hard to diversify it off so it all depends on where you want to work and if there needs match yours.

I mainly wanted to cover this information just because as we enter the workforce as graduates we have to take all these things into consideration when we want to apply for jobs and during our interview processes. It’s not all going to go the way we want them to so we have to keep building our resumes and keep showing up to interviews and maybe we make it a company that likes us and we like that and if that’s the case then if we do well in the interview process the less the company should work for.

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