My Experience Using a Templating Engine

I started the front-end implementation of the admin website. The admin website is supposed to allow teachers to access and set project and student information. In order to implement the front end, we decided to use Handlebars to connect to our nodejs.

I started with implementing the ‘students’ page which displays all the students, and allows teachers to add student information, edit student information, and delete student information. Everything was pretty easy to implement except the edit student information section. I ran into a lot of problems implementing this because handlebars was not rendering properly on the sub-page. However, after a ton of research, I found some resources that were able to assist in my debugging.

I utilized StackOverflow forum questions and I found the below tutorial. This helped me implement a breadcrumb navigation bar and helped me see a different way of setting up the structure of the handlebars front end. In the end, I found the error in the routing page and was able to fix it. So, the ‘students’ page is able to handle all CRUD.

Another issue we ran into was the responses changed when we implemented the front end. This severely affected our postman because all the tests were written to expect JSON, not rendered pages. So, we are working on addressing this issue.

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