My first tech interview

After 2 classes at OSU, I decided to shoot my shot and apply for an internship for the summer! Boy, the every step of the process was humbling. I applied to 30 companies and heard back from one — ClassPass. Keep in mind I only had two classes under my belt (Discrete Structures & Intro to Computer Science) and I was taking 3 classes in Spring — needless to say my experience was limited. But, I landed an interview! It was divided into 2 parts – a general interview and a technical interview.

The general interview was pretty standard we went through general interview questions like “Tell me about yourself.”, “Why do you want to work here?,” etc.

Then, there was the technical interview. I met with 3 interviewers, each with a different focus – QA, database, and development. QA asked about how to debug a code they had. Database asked about how I would set up the database structure for a user/class db, and how to make a db scalable. Development asked how I would write an OOP. The questions were fair; but at the time, I didn’t know anything! I hadn’t taken the majority of my upper level courses that were essential including databases and cloud development. I would say I was pretty unprepared for the interview.

I didn’t get the internship and that’s ok! This whole process prepared me for what to really pay attention to in my classes, projects, and how to prepare for future interviews. Since then, I have found more resources on how to smash technical interviews including leetcode! I will be much more prepared for my future interviews!

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