About me and my decision to change careers

Welcome to my first ever blog post! My name is Emily Yu. I am student at Oregon State University with a post-baccalaureate degree in Computer Science in progress…. I am en-route to graduate March 2023!! YAY!

A little bit about me — I’m a trained structural engineer with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural mechanics and materials. I was working engineering project management field before ultimately deciding to go back to school to pursue Computer Science.

My first experience coding was in graduate school learning how to analyze the stresses in a block in tension using Python and Matlab! I loved challenging myself and learning ways to apply technology to calculations that would take hours by hand. I realized how powerful coding really was and how it had multidisciplinary applications. While in the work force, I realized I missed using the tools. So, I chose to go back to school in 2020 to focus on expanding my knowledge on coding.

Fast forward to today, I am in the post-bacc program and about to start my capstone project. I love learning and I hope to keep developing my skills in computer science!

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