Week 7 systems, and working in systems navigating institutions

Through out the course we read from various materials pertaining to working in systems. As well as how to navigate institutions that are set in patriarchy ideologies that are designed to oppress those that are marginalized by society that don’t fit in society’s box of what is considered acceptable. In the reading Reflections on Liberation urged its readers to start a conversation “This is a challenge for all of us. The work of liberation politics is to change hearts and minds, develop empathy with and sympathy for other people, and help each other discover how we are inextricably linked together for our common good and our survival on this planet.” Parr (pg 604) This quote alone is laying down the grown work on how to navigate an injustice world. By changing the hearts of how others see those differently from them we can break down barriers and systems of oppression. But with breaking system of oppression will not be easy. Those with power want to hold on their power and will do anything to achieve that. That one day everyone will treat each other the same regardless of what identity they are. Because at the end of the day we are all human; that have differences but we are still human we are the same in that aspect.

All the readings we need in class can apply to our wiki project. I did police abuse of sex workers in the United States. Police through out history have been known to target those in society deemed unworthy. But what they deemed unworthy is often bias and rife with stereotypes. Sex workers are not exempt from being marginalized; especially sex workers who are trans, black and poor. One of the running themes in class discussion was systems or institutions that use their power to keep those marginalized and oppressed. Starting with the introduction of Round House we got see of bit of colonizer history and how that patriarchy control that was used on Native Americans still exists today.

I will be using my Wiki articles and class readings in another context I would use this to write a research paper. We have a paper that is due for our final and I am going to incorporate all I have read on to four pages. The focus point will be how systems of institutions operate to keep systems of oppression in place. Each reading although set in its own time has the same theme marginalizing those that don’t fit into society’s social construct.

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Parr, S. (n.d.). Reflections on Liberation. In Readings for diversity and social justice (4th ed., p. 604).

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