Japan 2010 – The Niigata Prefecture Nishikigoi Fair

We attended the Niigata Prefecture Nishikigoi fair in Ojiya City. This was the 50th anniversary of this fair, consequently it was quite a big deal for all involved.

The Niigata Prefecture is north of Tokyo on the island of Honshu. Ojiya city is at the foot of the mountains along the Shinano River.

The show is part of  the prefectures agricultural fair  and is organized by the local koi breeders. It presents an opportunity for the koi breeders in this prefecture to present their  best fish for judging by their peers.  This show is also well attended by many koi dealers and hobbyists from Japan, Europe and the U.S. looking for high quality fish.  A winning fish may command a very high price.

Of course I’m always interested in health management and biosecurity at these shows since they present great potential for stressing the fish and  opportunities for cross contamimation through breaches in biosecurity.

According to the show organizers all koi to be entered in the show are to be held for 3 weeks at a water temperature of 20-25C. PCR tests ( for KHV and SVCv) may also be conducted if warranted.

Farmers exporting or moving koi from their farm are required to screen for KHV and SVCv twice a year. These are considered registered farms. These farmers may only import koi to their farm from other registered farms.

All koi from each breeder are held in a single tank to prevent contact with koi from other breeders fish.

All of this is facilitated by the Niigata Prefectural Inland Water Fisheries Experiment Station. Staff at this facility provide fish health management support, including disease investigations, health inspections, and onsite consultation at the show.

Below are some Images from the show and the show banquet . Finally, a few images of production koi ponds up in the mountains above Ojiya City:

Ojiya city japan – Google Maps

Niigata Agricultural show, Nishsiki-goi fair, Ojyia City. Each tank hold fish from one breeder.
Nishiki-goi Fair, the small fish tanks
The Grand Champion, a Showa 80cm in length
The Trophies
Entertainment at the show banquet. Fold musicians and dancers.
Owner of the winning koi received his award
ome of Mr. Hoshino's ponds in the mountains.
Yes Mom, I was there too!! My mother always complains that I'm never in any of the pictures.
Some more typical koi ponds perched on the side of the ridge.