Our Officers

We’d like you to know a little more about the people who run this club and make these events possible:

Lauren Wood, President

Lauren's Picture

Age: 31

Major: Accounting and Marketing

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Favorite Dance Styles: West Coast Swing and Country Two Step

Bio: I started dancing in fall of 2009 in Eugene when a friend invited me to join them at a West Coast Swing dance. After one night I was hooked forever! Since then I’ve also branched out into ballroom, a little bit of Latin, and my second love: country. I compete in West Coast Swing, Nightclub Two Step, and Country Two Step, and I plan to start competing on the UCWDC country dance tour when I graduate and have more time to devote. In addition to dancing, I also am an experienced equestrian of over 25 years, a professional artist, and I work at the OSU Craft Center as their Promotional Coordinator and Event Planner.

Katherine Montgomery, Vice-President

Age: 21

Major: Pre-Occupational Therapy, Spanish

Hometown: Tigard, OR

Contact: montgomery.kj@gmail.com

Favorite Dance Styles:West Coast Swing, rhumba, blues, and Lindy Hop.

I used to do modern, lyrical and ballet with a color-guard, and began social dancing when I hit OSU in the fall of 2009. Lindy Hop and East Coast swing quickly became my favorites, since they’re such high energy, having-a-good-time dances. West Coast Swing and Blues moved into my life in fall of 2011, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. My favorite places to dance are the Ballroom Dance Club in Tigard and Lenora’s in Portland, but I’ll generally find my way to Dance with Joy out in Sellwood in the summer. I still have a lot of fun dancing East Coast and Lindy Hop, in addition to Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha, and Hustle.

Elizabeth Shank

Elizabeth's Profile Picture

Age: 22

Elizabeth has been a dancer both socially and in competitive dance groups for several years now.  She can be found either napping in the Women’s Building or…almost napping in the Women’s Building.

Delanie Lewis,

Delanie's Profile Picture

Age: 18

Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Delanie has won several West Coast Swing competitions well before the age of 18.  She enters OSU as a freshmen with several novice and intermediate level wins.
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