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I had one interview that I recall was very unprofessional which occurred when I was 18 years old. The job position was a summer camp counselor who would work with children ages 5-12 and the interview had two parts. The first interview was a sit down interview that could be viewed as the talent interview. According to First, Break all the rules, the purpose is to see if the candidate’s recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior match the job. But during my interview the interviewer asked me questions about situations I have been in when it came to watching children and how I reacted to certain situations. Which translated into open ended questions which allowed me to explain myself using the STAR communication tool. STAR stands for Situation (background information), Task  (Describe problem and challenges), Action (Explain what you did and how), Results (Benefits). The second part of the interview was a group interview that had 4 other candidates surrounding a table with two interviewers. They asked everyone the same questions then afterwards they would talk to each one individually to express if they are giving us the job position or not. When they called me back the interviewer expressed that I presented myself as someone who still needs more experience when it comes to being in a leadership role. I never had professional experience with children besides watching my own nieces and nephews. Furthermore, the part that seemed unprofessional to me was when he complimented my appearance stating that I looked nice. Which led him to compliment my outfit I was wearing. This to me was unprofessional because he expressed that I didn’t have the exact skills they were looking for but my appearance was what they preferred. 

I would say that their open-ended questions were beneficial because it related to the description of the position and what they were looking for. Working with children and being a leader takes certain skills that are required so they can accomplish the goals of the company. Furthermore, their questions were precise to certain tasks that would have been asked of me if I got the position. Thus, my answers to the questions were based on my personal experiences watching my nephews and nieces so that illustrated to them that I needed professional leadership experience. 

They need standards when it comes to communicating to future candidates since they should never comment on someone’s appearance. Since it was my first job interview, I was not aware of the unprofessionalism until later on.

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