week 4 blog post

for this week, our team had made a second meeting with the HP team. they had shared a lot of information to us. it is a little bit overwhelming. they had told us more detail about the theory behind the technology and will talk more about work next week. some challenge I found is by looking at the project we are going to work on, I’m interested in finding more about how actually the neural network could actually work. very looking forward to seeing the actual work we are going to do. more detail will be given in the incoming week. something went well for our project in this week is our team had better communication. team member could give a quicker response within a short period of time. we had also shared ideas with one another. something that did not go well for this week is i personally found the project overwhelming. there are a lot more i need to learn about. some terms that the HP term told us is completely foreign to me. not sure if what will be happening if I could not follow or complete the task given by them. however, i will still keep in contact with the HP team very closely to complete the future task. an interesting website i found is . in this website, they could offer some of the basic to React. it teaches me how to use react. I was reading it and learn some of the introduction from this page. it tells me how to start coding, some of the syntax of React and the React CSS and React Sass basic to make a user interface. 

base on the project I’m taking. I think it is a very challenging project for me as I do not get in touch with machine learning and neural network before. I need to be modesty and ask more question to clarify my doubts.