General Intake Questionnaire

We don’t need the questions answered at the time of multimedia request, but all of these questions need to be asked before or during the intake meeting so that the developer, instructor and instructional designer have a completed project proposal and documented agreement on requested scope of project.

Project Scope

Is there an example of this exercise already?
– Was this lab/assignment in the face-to-face class?


Who will need access for grading?
– Are there other instructors?
– Are there teaching assistants?

How will this activity be graded?


How many sections will we need this for?
– Is there a face-to-face class in addition to the online class?
– Are the students in the class divided into different groups?

Will this activity need to be reset each term?
– If so, instruction/training should be provided.

Should student information persist from term to term?
– Useful for populating large data sets, trends over time.

In addition to the questions below, we have supplemental questions that are unique to the type of interactive requested:

Supplemental Questions

For certain types of projects, we have some additional questions we ask.

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