CS467: The Life of a Project

  • Post 3: SWOT Analysis

    Well now the course is coming to a close. Most of the code is written, and only a few assignments remain. It almost sounds like the beginning of a Christmas book. And given the timing, it might be. But now is a good time to review the course. The good, the bad, and the ugly. […]

  • Post 2: Mapping Technologies

    Discussion There are a handful of ways to make an app that has a geospatial component. Our app uses flutter_map, a package for flutter that allows users to insert a map into their app. It also includes some other utilities such as showing the user’s location, and when combined with a database, the ability to […]

  • Post 1: Starting the Course

    Ah yes, the first blog post. What else is there to do but introduce myself and what this blog will be about? I am Zack Webb, a student at Oregon State University in the online computer science program. Although many of you reading this may already know this, as you are in a similar position. […]