Week 1

A recurring theme I noticed that the employees of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For said was that they felt genuinely cared for by the company. Showing employees that they are valued is extremely important and HR can have a big impact on that. As this week’s lecture discussed, HR influences and reflects an organization’s culture. These companies have been able to develop an HR management system that meets the personal needs of their employees while furthering the organization’s goals.

I would like to be a manager that treats my employees with the same level of respect I would expect from them. I personally believe that establishing a team culture in an organization creates a culture that values everyone and grants a stronger feeling of autonomy to employees. These are two factors that employees in the article “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” emphasized as making their companies a good place to work. I also think that a good manager and leader is effective at motivating their employees and aids in building their confidence in their role in the organization. According to the article, “How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management,” a good manager empowers team members and cares about their personal well-being. These qualities have also been important to me with my managers and are characteristics I try to express during my experiences managing others.

An aspect of management that I think might be challenging is finding the line between managing and micromanaging. For example, if I were to manage an aspect or department of the organization that I am particularly familiar with, it could be difficult to know how much guidance and autonomy to give to the employees. The employee’s personality is also an important factor when determining how much coaching is needed for that person to best do their job.


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