Lab: “Play the Science: Experiencing Science by Having Fun with Games” – Jeremy Friedberg, Spongelab Interactive

Very insightful and cool examples of online learning games, from someone who is out there delivering them. Very inspiring to see how they’re tackling different approaches (based more on what they think would be cool to learn, rather than what is forced by a strict school bureaucracy), and hear their justifications for some of their choices.

Changed my ideas about where online education could end up in five years…
(and left me obsessed with the idea of students creating an “education profile” – something like Xbox-achievements-accumulating-profile meets real-world-medical-records).

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Official Session Name: (4pm)
Game mechanics used for learning – Douglas Whatley (CEO Breakaway)

Really interesting talk – exploring how “game mechanics” themselves can (and should) affect the player.

Ecampus Takeaway:
This session really nailed the idea that the ever-popular “jeopardy trivia game” is just a damned training exercise. It doesn’t involve true “learning,” and isn’t really a game! (Boom!)

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