• Someday, someone will figure out how to let you walk in place. but not today:
  • I’ve never understood why people want  small tile screen things. they sure look important, and easy to rearrange:

    …Is the idea that software GUIs are just too complicated, so we need tons of blocks? is it a lego fetish? hmmf.
  • Plus, the Author’s Guild is apparently more backwards than the book publishers.
    Yay Dark Ages!    

    I feel that when text-to-speech gets better, people will buy a book MULTIPLE TIMES just to hear different readings. I feel the guild is missing the bigger picture, that we want the technology to advance. We don’t want to sure people who are making progress, for short term gains. ugh. …
    Not to mention that this entire debate ignores the modern state of commerce – where product is given away free, to develop a loyal following who will then pay for any number of different accessories to support the content’s creator. Betting your carreer on a core creative product which cannot be accessed until after purchase, seems to be a poor business gamble. It is not a wise way for an artist to make themselves heard about the din of a world full of artists. bleh.