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10 Questions: Joe Hunsaker

Joe Hunsaker in front of the Memorial Union

Joe Hunsaker, a recipient of the Rice Scholarship Fund awarded by Disability Access Services, is majoring in business management and plans to graduate in 2019. Looking to use his business degree to open his own business, he participates in the Advantage Accelerator program. This program matches student interns with entrepreneurs, providing support during all phases of the emerging ventures. 

Q. What are three random things about you?
I grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado.
Athletics were always a big part of my life growing up and by my senior year of high school I was a state ranked athlete in both football and wrestling.
I am part of the third generation in my family that has attended OSU.

Q. What makes OSU special?
What’s special about OSU is that despite the size of the university it is still has a bit of a small town feel. I like being able to look off campus and see farmland and not be completely engulfed by city.

Q. What class have you enjoyed most at Oregon State?
My favorite class at OSU has been my entrepreneurship class where I got to work with a group of students to go through the process of starting up a business of our own.

Q. Why did you choose your major?
I chose this major because engineering had a little too much math than I would have preferred and I knew that I always wanted to start my own company.

Q. How have your studies influenced you?
My studies have made me a much more diligent worker. I have learned how to prioritize my work and focus on what really needs my attention.

Q. How have your experiences outside of the classroom impacted you?
Outside of the classroom I have mostly learned how to make new friends. There are so many different people from so may different backgrounds that it is amazing the people you meet. I think my time at OSU has made me more open to different cultures because of the great diversity of students on campus.

Q. What value do you think diversity brings to our campus?
It has allowed me to open my mind toward other cultures and experience things that I never would have otherwise. It has really opened my field of view whens it comes to people and places.

Q. What is your favorite memory at OSU?
So far my favorite memory at OSU was last year when I got to watch the Beavers crush the Ducks in football in the pouring rain.

Q. What do you love about Oregon State?
The amount of trees and plants on campus gives it a great feeling of nature. I also love football games. Win or lose, a good PAC-12 game is always fun.

Q. How have you learned about yourself and others at OSU?
Being at OSU has provided me with the opportunity to find out what interests me and what direction I want to start going with my life. There have been some things that I have learned to hate and some things that I have really started to like. I have also learned to be much more open to people around me and that it is often really nice to get to know someone new.

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