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Lizeth–Growing through College

Posted April 26th, 2010 by Allyson

Many people believe that college changes you and to a certain point I agree with them. When I first came to Oregon State I was still very immature about the way I saw certain things and thought that school was going to be all about going out and having fun, but I can say that I was very wrong. Although college has been hard work it has helped me grow and become more independent.

During my first term I learned that college was going to be hard work and it was not going to be like in high school where if you did something wrong it would not matter, because here you learn that if you don’t do something there is nothing you can do that is going to make the professors change their mind, unless it is a valid excuse.  For example if you miss a midterm or final because you slept in your professors will not give you another time where you can make it up, it will go in as a zero and affect your grade tremendously.  Also, when you come to college there is thousands of people who you share campus with. We are all different people who have different traditions, language, beliefs, and personalities and you have to be respectful and learn to appreciate the diversity OSU is representing.

Now going into my third term I am much more opened to people, I am responsible for my own actions and don’t blame what I have not done or have done on other people, I am not angry when things don’t go my way, and am much more independent. I do not want to make any of you nervous to come to college because I think this is a one in a lifetime opportunity that not everyone gets to have. OSU teaches you to mature as an adult and without being here learning to think for myself and going through new experiences I would not be the person I am today. With this new confidence I have gained the skills to meet people on campus who have helped me feel more connected to campus.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and they choose their college to be Oregon State University.


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