Week 5 – Blog Post: Typical vs. Maximal Performance

If you were a business owner, I would take into account two very important factors, namely performance, and potential. As a business owner, I would weigh the trade-offs and make a comprehensive decision to determine the best fit for your company.
Based on performance Jaime is a top performer in his job and has been known for his consistency and reliability. He is able to consistently deliver high-quality and efficient work, which makes him respected and trusted within the team. In contrast, Avery is likely to show only moderate or even below-average performance in most cases. He consistently performs well, which means you can more accurately predict how he will perform in future jobs. This is important for planning and budgeting because you can make more informed decisions based on Jaime’s job performance. In addition, Jaime is able to deliver consistent quality and efficiency, which will help ensure your company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. In choosing Jaime, I can ensure that his performance will not pose too much risk to your business. Because he consistently performs well, he is less likely to make mistakes or produce low-quality work, which can reduce your company’s financial losses and reputational damage.
While Jaime has excelled in terms of performance, it may be more advantageous to go with Avery if you think in terms of potential. Avery has a high-performance ceiling, which means he has more potential and room for growth. The advantage of choosing Avery is that his potential is moldable and he could become a very successful employee. If you think he needs more support and training, you might consider providing him with these resources, which will help him better realize his abilities and potential. So, choosing Avery means you can build a team with more growth and potential for the future. Avery also has other advantages. his high-performance ceiling may mean he has some unique skills or knowledge that could become very valuable in future jobs. In addition, his abilities and potential may inspire him to contribute more to the business and create more value. But the problem is that the company needs more training in him and I think choosing Jaime is the best choice if it is not certain that he wants to stay and continue working for the company.

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