Life Stress Inventory: 128

Coping and Stress Management Skills Test: Problem-Focused Coping 67

Type A Personality Test: Impatience/ Irritability 43

From the results listed above from various stress and personality tests, I realized I have an issue with confrontation and lack of talking about my issues. I am usually unable to talk or confront people, whether that’s friends or family, on what is bothering me. So I often find myself relishing in this irritability which can sometimes come off as being snappy or short with people. I hardly ever truly get upset with someone with them knowing why I am even upset to begin with. I need to work on confronting an issue when it comes about rather than sitting with my thoughts and getting progressively more angry. I worked at a place with a bunch of younger kids in high school where we would encourage each other to confront issues. We were all friends working in a very tight space, so we would need to confront each other otherwise it would have progressed to something much worse. I think it is important to have a good system for dealing with employee conflict in a workplace because most people lack the skill of confrontation, or some people can be too confrontational. The human resource department should have strategic plans of dealing with employee conflict as well as when to get involved in any issue between individuals inside the company.