Welcome! My name is Ryan Tuthill. This site is dedicated to researching the history of Christianity. The website trails along the class History of Christianity, taught by professor Scott Ables from June to September 2020. All work on this page is either course-related, or course adjacent. Things I have found particularly interesting during the course of this class I have attempted to write about and share with the world!

If you want to learn a little more about me; head to the About page.

If you would like to read my casual intermittent updates as the course has progressed, please check out the Blog page.

If you would like to be directed to further resources regarding the history of Christianity, take a look at the Bookshelf page, where I have attempted to catalog some resources I have stumbled across the might help you start your own research!

If you are a visual learner, the Maps page is the place to go to see geographically where many major events in the History of Christianity have occurred.

To see most of my work, head on over to the Posts page. On page 2 of the Posts page is my Course Essay (which is not uploaded yet), on page 3 is the Current Events Series, and on Page 4 is the Analysis Series.

To get quick and easily-digestible information, head on over to the Quick Facts & Summaries page, where I have many important terms defined, and important figures summarizes.

To see various historical timelines of history that intersect with Christianity, head on over to the Timelines page and get a better conceptualized understanding of Christian history!

Thank you for checking out the page, it is very much appreciated!

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