Training Experience

I have endured many differently types of extremely effective training and classes, each with their own unique qualities that made them really enjoyable and fascinating. My most recent experience with a successful training was an onboarding I had done with about 7 other people taking different positions at Jackson Street Youth services. The onboarding contained very detailed and interesting information and insight into the organization. Each presentation or talk was given with energy, passion and true meaning. The content was powerful and included tips and tricks for everyday situations and conflicts that could arise. There was constant conversation amongst the trainer and the group that was completing the onboarding being sure to ensure we were understanding everything correctly and knowing how it could factor into the job. The onboarding also included tours of various facilities and getting to know many of the higher ups in the company. The supervisors and mangers we met with were happy to engage with us and continually encouraged us to ask them questions at any point if we needed. The welcoming environment, meaningful information and personalization of the information being given, and how it was given to use in many different ways made the experience memorable, endearing, exciting and thorough. Clear goals were identified to the group and steps were explained as to how to achieve those goals.

I can recall from past experiences of various classes in high school and university where the instructor made the information extremely hard to grasp and made it even more difficult to obtain help/support. These classes were very difficult to be successful in because nothing seemed to resonate, the person teaching gave the impression of not wanting to be there, and truly just word vomited the information and hoped we would soak it up. Multiple exams were given without sufficient studying resource, which made it very difficult to be successful in this class. As of now, I could recall such little information from this class which I believe speaks volumes to the thoughtfulness and forethought of the training methods.

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