Week 1 Blog Post – Job application process

Note: I participated in the March 31st class session to fulfill the requirement. I am reposting my contribution here for reference and for further discussion with others.


The last hiring experience I had was in 2005 when I hired on to Chevron.  While working at Chevron, I also went through more than 6 internal job applications and transfers within the company.

My initial hiring experience was good.  Chevron was recruiting at the OSU career fair.  They provided an introduction meeting for all interested candidates and then on-campus interviews.  Once selected during the on-campus interview process, there was a second on-site interview in Houston.  I found the onsite interview very useful and was able to meet multiple team members that I would be working with in the future.  I think my key to success was creating and providing a portfolio of examples of my education and experience work.  I believe the interviewers saw the alignment between my skills and career aspirations and Chevron’s corporate culture and strategic goals.  It was obviously a “career job” application process.  I feel lucky and grateful that I was selected for the job and I was happy working at Chevron for the following 15 years.

My 6+ internal job applications and transfers within Chevron were much easier.  Chevron does internal job transfers twice annually and they are facilitated by “Personnel Development Representatives” who help employees find jobs and go through the application process.  Also, the applicant benefit from internal networking within the company.  The employee maintains an “Experience Record” (similar to a resume) and a “Career Development Plan” that indicates the employees career path desires.  The employee is allowed to apply for multiple jobs at the same time and selection committees make decision on movement of employees.  I thought this process was very effective in planning and executing career moves within the company.

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  1. This was super interesting to read and learn about a 2005 hiring process, compared to what I have been going through these past few months in my hiring process. The processes actually seemed relatively similar, however due to covid, none of my interviews were able to be in person, which I think is a valuable lesson and experience I missed out on. That is great that you have been happy enough to stay there for 15 years. It sounds like Chevron has a great company culture that motivates their workers to be their best!

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