Lucky 8-ball 🎱

Fallout 3 will probably always have a special place in my heart. When I was younger me and my friend used to walk up to Blockbuster in the summer to rent games and movies. One day we rented Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 and ever since then the game has held a special place in my heart.

In Fallout 3 there is a in game item called Lucky 8-ball which is obtainable by the player. The ball increases your “Luck” stat by 1 point as long as its carried on the player’s inventory. There have definitely been times I wish I had the Lucky 8-ball on me.

I just had developer interview where I talked about how Flutter was one of my favorite programming languages that I have learned. This is while knowing full well that Flutter not a programming language by itself and instead uses the programming language dart for development. I felt ashamed because I understood that but when two words are similar or have a similar context I involuntarily mix them up into a word salad that makes me well sound dumb.

I try not to think about it often but it has gotten more pronounced as I get older. I guess during stressful times like these I wish I had a Lucky 8-ball on me during my developer interviews. Aside from interviewing for jobs I have been making progress on my capstone project.

For my senior capstone project I have started writing my own trading algorithm in Python. I’m using the web interface of QuantConnect Lean because I personally like it and prefer the user interface compared to the locally run one that uses a command terminal for a user interface. When I use the website front-end I can visually see the performance graphs which is nice.

I hope to have a well performing and decent algorithm by the time I finish the capstone project. I think doing so will be able to help me eventually land an internship or a job since coding trading algorithms is an impressive feat and its one of many I can add to my portfolio.

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