Lucky number 7

This past week has been a busy one. I had my first developer interview in months offered to me and I passed the two leetcode questions asked. However, I was not able to pass the last portion of the interview since I did not memorize how to write in css from scratch. This was a huge disappointment for me since I couldn’t look up css documentation I essentially forfeited the interview.

As a result of my failed interview I went back to LinkedIn and started applying to a few more jobs. I started with the quick applies since those take the less time and allow me to get the most volume in terms of applications. Afterwards, I spent a lot of time on a select few applications that weren’t quick applies. My thought process was to get in mix of low quality and high quality applications since if I only did applications that weren’t quick applies it would take way too long to reach the amount applications I would like to hit which was 50 a day.

Finally, for my capstone project I have been researching how to use QuantConnect.Report.exe to generate detailed reports. QuantConnect.Report is a tool our sponsor recommended to use to generate very detailed reports of our back-test. I have also been spending some time tinkering with the Sponsor’s algorithm so that I can create my own version to measure performance against.

I look forward to the weeks ahead.

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