New Job Interview

Today has been a stressful Thursday. I completed my first day of running order pickup by myself. I almost ran out of time twice but luckily my coworkers were willing to lend a hand when I needed them the most. I feel confident more than ever that I can be able to pick items and package them for stowing in around 45 minutes but no where near the 30 minutes I would like to be to be competitive.

I also got an email back from a recruiter for a front-end developer position. I only noticed when I was walking out of Target after closing. I’m kind of nervous for the job interview but I feel confident in a way even if I end up failing it.

Regrading the Capstone project I have been making some good progress. I recently met with the project sponsor and was able to understand where to pull the json data for the back-test results. Now I can create a python script that can search through the json to pick apart the data I need.

All in all this has been a stressful week for me but I feel confident enough I can succeed in the weeks to come both academically and career wise.

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