Fulfillment Expert ๐Ÿ›’

This weeks starts my first full week of working as a Fulfillment Expert at Target. Its been an interesting experience to say the least, having to run around the store picking out orders for guest. The process seems straightforward but there are a few things that make it feel a little stressful. An order can average 30-40 items but the time to finish picking all the items in the order can vary from an hour to only 25 minutes. On paper the time doesn’t seem too bad till your pushing a cart around the entire store and even the backroom getting anything from clothing items which are hard to find to groceries. I’m hoping I don’t get dealt the short timers like 20-30 minutes till I at least had some time to get into rhythm. I watched an employee complete a 30 minute timed order with 14 seconds to spare which was impressive to see.

In my free time to relax I picked up the manga One-Punch Man which I have found enjoyable to read through. While reading One-Punch Man I started taking notes on monster ideas for my own game. I’m still looking for inspiration when it comes to drawing and creating monsters and reading One-Punch Man really provides a lot of inspirational material for just that. Overall, its been a pretty relaxing and positive stress reliever.

For my capstone project I have been making some good progress. Recently the group including I met with the project sponsor to discuss the next steps to take. The sponsor is going to give us specific dates to back-test the algorithm against to measure its performance. I’m really excited to start making progress on my own trading algorithm in the coming weeks.

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