Bubbling dreams 🧋

Today marks the first day of my new job at Target. I’m a little nervous about going to work in the next few hours because working retail is always stressful. I start as a Fulfillment Expert which basically means I handle online orders for shipping and online orders for pickup, sometimes the position is just abbreviated as “pickup”. I’m being timed for how long it takes to pick items off the shelf which is known as my “pick-rate”. I’m a little nervous about the whole thing but its only my first day.

For my personal project named Kamui I finally designed two new assets and created the respective attacking and movement animations for them. One of those assets being a snowman and the other being a golem monster. It took a few days to draw both of them properly as I’m still learning how to master basic shapes. Overall, I’m pretty proud of the work I was able to do for my personal project and hope to one day have it more feature complete and presentable. I want to increase my chances of landing an internship or job as a software developer so I feel like the more I try to build in my free time to prove I’m qualified the better.

For my Capstone project I finally got QuantConnect Lean to run the project sponsor’s trading algorithm. For some reason or another I encountered yet another bug in Visual Studio when trying to add a CSharp file to the directory of CSharp Algorithms. Through many attempts to clean, build, add existing file, create new file, and tinkering around with the config file I just settled on overwriting the contents of an existing CSharp file I knew worked with the sponsor’s algorithm. While my fix is not ideal I hope to understand why this was happening soon so I don’t have to rely on a weird solution in the future.

I have been enjoying my time in Capstone and learning about new technologies like QuantConnect Lean. I never had a formal introduction to CSharp before either till I started tinkering around with QuantConnect, so I’m grateful for being introduced to yet another programming language. I’m happy I’m making progress on my personal project as well. In conclusion, I feel like my dreams of being a software developer are still bubbling and I’m closer than ever to reaching my goals.

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