Fridays are a vibe 🌦️

I’m writing this blog with a bottle of water next to me while a tsunami of rain floods my street. I spent the whole week stressing about an interview I have tomorrow afternoon and my personal project I’m making. I’m so happy to be only a few hours away from Friday after what felt like a long week.

I got an interview at Target for another truck unloading job which isn’t related to my degree but its a closer opportunity than my current job so I’ll take it. I have been spending the last few days studying some LeetCode problems and working on my personal project I’m making on the side so I can improve my resume and chance of getting an internship/job related to software engineering.

Aside from my job hunt, interviews, and current personal projects I have been spending a good amount of time learning about technology and topics related to my Capstone project which is about Algorithmic Stock Market Trading Strategies. I was recently introduced to a program called Quantconnect lean from my project sponsor and now I have finally finished installing and setting up the program so I can start learning how to effectively use it. Sadly the installation process was easier said than done as the tutorial I watched was only 10 minutes while the in person installation took nearly a hour due to debugging issues with my Visual Studio install….

I spent a good 15 minutes alone trying to figure out why my Visual Studio program was throwing errors about not finding the “Microsoft .NET SDK”, and then I spent another 10 minutes afterwards trying to figure out why my Visual Studio program would not let me install additional individual packages without throwing a “channel manifest” error every attempt. Time was just flying right by before I got fed up and restarted my computer. I guess sometimes all things need is a simple restart button because finally my Visual Studio was able to properly download the needed packages and let me run Quantconnect lean for the very first time.

I’m excited to continue on my journey with my Capstone project, job hunt, and personal projects but there are times where a weekend is greatly needed and now is one of those times 😫. Have a great Friday and welcome to the weekend everyone!

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