Favorite Backend Stack

My background in tech started with a broken down computer with a CD with an AOL connection when I was in 11th grade. The most I could do to get it to work was hear it make the famous dial-up sound only for it to do nothing else. Otherwise it was just a basic computer with Windows 95 and not much else installed. Even though there was not much I could do with this computer, this curiosity on how computers worked led to the gradual uptake of technology and how to use it.

I started working with web technologies since that was the “cool” new tech at the time. I learned mostly front-end technologies but never really branched out much from there until a few years later when I started doing websites as a hobby. I decided that I needed to learn programming and JavaScript was the natural choice language. After learning JavaScript, I fell deeper into the rabbit hole and started to learn more about other operating systems such as linux and mac (my first computer was a PC).

As I fell down the rabbit hole, I realized that I ddi not know any backend technologies. I naturally gravitated to NodeJS since it did not require learning a new programming language and I could just focus on backend principles. It was not too difficult to figure out how to use NodeJS and how to integrate a database to it.

Around the same time I started to learn a bit more about the Python programming language because I had read that it could be used with web development. I was a bit baffled as to how Python could do this since it was just a general programming language and did not have mark-up language or CSS that you just just program and show up on a page (just shows how little I knew about Python!). Then someone recommended I look into the Flask framework since it would answer all of my questions.

When I used Flask for the first time, I was instantly amazed at how much you could do with so little code. I learned about templating systems that took care of the HTML/CSS and learned how to integrate JavaScript code within my application. I was really amazed and Flask became one of my favorite web development technologies. It still amazes me to the day how we can create an application with Python to create a web application.

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