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The three companies selected for the assignment include Ultimate Software, Edward Jones and Stryker. Feedback from employees reveals various HR practices adopted by the organizations, consequently propelling them above their peers. The HR practice at Ultimate Software reflects a keen focus on motivating employees in which they are treated to special events. Managers arrange special events for rewarding employees for their special skills (Garvin). Edward Jones observes work ethics in their HR practices, with the organization emphasizing ethical and honest business practices. Stryker on the other hand focuses on employee engagement, with a lot of responsibilities/duties assigned to individuals. The various HR practices in the above organizations explain why they are highly rated employers.

I would like to be a manager who emphasizes employee participation in the organization. I believe involving employees in crucial decision-making and management practices will ensure that they align with the work ethics and values of an organization. As Smith et al. explained, employee participation entails involvement of the workers in making decisions instead of providing them with orders as a supervisor (38). Employee engagement is also crucial for my management practice since it enhances productivity, minimizes stress at work, and promotes better communication. Therefore, I would like to be a manager who emphasizes employee participation to enhance productivity and teamwork.

One challenging aspect of a manager’s job is enforcing organizational change in a company. Individuals are rigid to change, requiring effective approaches to change organizational culture. Any individual wishing to propose a change in an organization requires rich and logical supporting data (Garvin). Besides, a manager requires a relentless commitment to enforcing organizational change, including involvement of various stakeholders. The manager also requires an adequate understanding of the change dynamics before enforcing them. Therefore, enforcing organizational change is a highly onerous task for a manager.

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