Why It Matters

Throughout its history, OSU has made countless contributions to Oregon and our world. None is more significant than our graduates. Yet too many of our students are unable to complete their degrees. Financial and social barriers are just too high.

Why Now

Oregon now faces the possibility, for the first time, that a new generation will be less well-educated than its parents. Adding to the urgency: Oregon ranks last among all states for spending on higher education. In 2013, Oregon spent 3.4% of its state budget on colleges and universities, compared to a national average of 9.5%. The trend of declining state investment has shifted more of the financial burden for attending college to families.

As we look to our next 150 years, we at Oregon State are determined to do even more to build a healthier, prosperous, and more sustainable future. That means, above all, doubling down on efforts to ensure the students who come to us make the most of their potential and graduate.

Our Goals

OSU’s comprehensive effort focused on student success represents a call to action for the entire Oregon State community. It engages every part of the university in a wide range of activities, addressing obstacles with strategies known to be effective. Our fundraising effort is just one part of this much bigger institutional plan that seeks to achieve a 90% first-year retention rate and a 70% graduation rate by 2020.

$150 million

To raise for scholarships, fellowships, experiential learning, and other programs that help students reach their fullest potential, in the classroom and in life.

50% annually

Create a higher level of student success by increasing and sustaining philanthropic support for our students.

Student Stories

An investment in OSU students is an investment in boundless potential. Meet a few who have thrived at Oregon State, thanks to donor support.

Phil Rakowski
Bridge to Success Scholar
Phil’s Story

Arianna Kahler-Quesada
Biochemistry and Biophysics
Presidential Scholar
Arianna’s Story

Madison Esposito
BioResource Research
Herb Summers Memorial Scholar
Madison’s Story
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