Personality Test

Overall, I feel like the test results fairly accurately reflect my personality. I was not too surprised by any of the results. Here is a brief summary of the Big 5 test results:

Extroversion: It scored me as moderate. I enjoy being around other but I also like some alone time.

Agreeableness: I scored high in agreeableness. I am a person who wants to make these right and I desire for people to get along.

Conscientiousness: I scored high in this category. I am a goal driven person and I take a lot of satisfaction in completing projects and achieving goals.

Neuroticism: I score low in this category. I tend to be a pretty calm, easy going person.

Openness: I scored low in openness. This implies that I like to think in plain and simple terms. People would describe others like this as down-to-earth, practical, or conservative.

If a potential employer would read over these results, I think they would take note of my higher score in conscientiousness. They would note as a strength of mine that I am a goal driven person and I have strong drive to complete projects and get things done. This type of trait is valuable for employees who are individual contributors in an organization.

Another strength they may take note of is my low score in neuroticism. This score indicates that I can keep a calm, cool head in most any situation. They would not have to worry about me getting overly emotional or overwhelmed while on the job.

A weakness that this test points out would be in my qualifications in a leadership position. I scored high in agreeableness. A high score in agreeableness predicts low performance in a leadership role. So, if I was applying for a leadership position, they may decide not to hire me based on this test result.

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