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The last job I applied for was an internal position within the company I work for now, A-dec. I previously was a manufacturing engineer and I was applying for a mechanical design engineer role. This experience was far different than when I have applied for a position at a company where I wasn’t currently working. I received prompt feedback after applying and quickly learned (within one week) when my interview would be. Also, I was given a detailed overview of the interview schedule for all candidates and the timeline for making a final decision. I have never experience this level of transparency before. I suspect it was due to being an internal candidate. Perhaps my company felt they should be more transparent and provide more detail. Another possibility is perhaps the hiring manager felt they should be this transparent with all candidates whether internal or external. Regardless of the reason, it was a very pleasing experience. I really appreciated the transparency and didn’t waste much mental energy wondering where I was standing in the selection process. It also made me excited about the potential of working for this manager and with his team. When I was offered the position, I was happy to accept it.

This experience was quite different than when I was an outside applicant applying at A-dec for the manufacturing engineer role. After I sent in my application it took 3+ months before they called me back for an interview. After going that long without hearing from them, I assumed I wasn’t going to get an interview. I was surprised when I received the phone call. After the long wait for an interview, the rest of the process went fairly well. I felt like the company did a pretty good job of keeping me updated on where I stood. I personally knew several people who worked at A-dec and they all had great things to say about the company. Due to their personal testimonies, I didn’t question the job offer too much once it came around. If I didn’t have their input, my application experience may have made me question the offer a little more.

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  1. Hi Steven, thats great that you had a great and transparent interview process. I personally love when companies are transparent with potential employees, this can save both yourself and the companies time to ensure a great fit; rather than skipping out on detail that you have to later find out, which may not work out. Transparency is an honorable trait, I’m glad you were able to find a company you enjoy working for with this trait. Great post, Stevie Piller

  2. Steven,

    I can completely relate to your experience when you were an outside applicant. I applied for a job and after not hearing back on my follow-up email a few weeks later I figured I was out of the running. It wasn’t until close to a month later that I got a response. However, it did run more smoothly after I heard back from them.
    Also, I had not thought about the difference when it was an inside hire versus an outside hire but that makes sense.


    Seth Yates

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