Job Descriptions

and What I think about them

Job descriptions are a great way for companies to communicate with people looking for new work about what they want in an employee. This can include what type of industry the company is in, recommended qualifications for the job, and the goals of the company.

All of these can be great indicators of how someone will fit within the company and how they can fit other pieces of their life around the work schedule. I think one of the most important things about a job description is the location of the job. Moving to a new job in an entirely new location can be stressful, exciting, or both. Me, personally, when I graduate from college, I know I want to live in a big city such as Seattle, New York, or even Nashville. I think these cities would provide some great opportunities for me while providing a challenging work environment.

However, something that job descriptions can not capture very well is the workplace culture itself. Mission statements and company goals can give an indication of what the workplace culture is like, but do not truly capture the dynamics between different leveled employees. I think this is one of the most important things for a person to fit into a new job. If a person moves to a new job expecting a certain work culture but experiences a completely different work culture, it will impact the person’s job performance. My analogy to this is college searching. When high school students are picking a college, they get a feel for the environment and the space around them. This includes the physical environment, the other students, resources, and many other factors. I think “job visits” could become a more common practice so that possible incoming employees can get a better feel for the workplace and make a decision based off of that.

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