100 Best Companies to Work For

The companies that I chose for this assignment were #17 Veterans United Home Loans, #24 Capital One, and #38 Marriott International. Each of these companies’ employees have different reasons for enjoying their careers. At Veterans United Home Loans, according to the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For article, there is a very strong work ethic because they are given a great deal of freedom and trust one another. At Capital One, it is very similar in the way that people love the work environment because they feel that they have the freedom to express themselves. What employees were saying about why they like Marriot International is that they put people first. The example given in the Fortune 100 article was when local floods in Bethesda, Maryland negatively impacted community members and even a few employees. Marriott responded to this by giving their employees who were affected paid time off and started a fundraiser by selling T-shirts.

What I think these companies are doing really well with their HR and management teams is that they do not conform their employees to one standard. Instead, they give the employees the freedom and the resources they need to be successful and productive within the company. In the introduction of the book “First, Break All the Rules” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, they discuss the idea that the best managers create an environment where employees can be who they are compared to the traditional business model of creating “clones”. These ideas are expressed in what the employees said about their companies in the Fortune 100 article.

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