“If you let it, this job will change you for the better.” As Brennan Weber reflects on her year of employment with the Department of Recreation Sports, she recognizes her own growth.  Working in the Safety program presented her with responsibilities that were challenging and meaningful; and she credits the development of new skills and strengthened character to that experience.

Brennan was hired in May 2011 and assigned to teach her first class the next month.  “I remember getting so nervous before my first few instructional classes that I would consider chickening out and asking for a substitute to take my shift.” RecSports Safety Instructors are required to teach according to department and American Health Association standards, ensure a safe learning environment, evaluate participant skill and knowledge, and document learning.  One hundred sixty-five classroom hours later, Brennan is pleased to have been pushed (and supported) out of her comfort zone, and actually enjoys classroom.  “Teaching is the one aspect of the job that has most changed me.  I have become much more confident in my abilities, and nothing beats the feeling of really connecting with students during a class.”

As a Safety Auditor, Brennan was required to drop in on her own peers and test their knowledge on emergency response protocol.  It takes courage to hold your friends and colleagues accountable, but she knows that her job is important to the community.  “The education and skill training I provide has the potential to save lives – something truly powerful,” she relates.   She also recognizes that she is a part of a larger team with a shared purpose.  “Every single person working here has something unique to contribute and despite our various backgrounds, we are all here for the same purpose of furthering the Recreational Sports mission.”

“As a ‘safety staffer’, I strive to contribute to the bigger mission of Recreational Sports by being a leader in fostering healthy and creative living through educating members in a friendly, dynamic approach.  Whether encouraging a student to feel confident in their CPR skills during an instructional class or explaining an accident to paramedics, I keep the guiding principles of the mission of Recreational Sports in mind.”

Brennan graduates this year and turns her energy and attention to the pursuit of medical school.  She counts public speaking skills, emergency response competence, and personal friendships as the most significant take-aways from her RecSports experience.  She also leaves her mark on RecSports; and, she leaves a message for those who follow. “My advice for the next generation of Recreational Sports employees is to take advantage of all that this job has to offer.  If you go into it with the attitude that it is more than just a job, you will be rewarded with much more than just a typical job experience. Get involved in all facets of your work and strive to make each shift a positive one for yourself, your co-workers, and all of the people you interact with. Not only will you be happier, Recreational Sports as a whole will benefit.”

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