Chemical Control

Chemical control is a huge concern for these industries. “The three most commonly used pesticides are mancozeb, at 367,400 pounds; chlorothalonil, at 159,700 pounds; and thiophanate-methyl at 90,400 pounds. These three active ingredients accounted for 71 percent of the total pounds of fungicides applied to nursery and floriculture crops.” (USDA). Clearly, the majority of used products in these industries are chemical based. Typical pesticides are not only harmful by consumption, but from an environmental perspective too. Pesticide reside can cause severely toxicity to humans. The effects of these chemicals can be as extreme as cancer, effects on reproduction, immune or nervous systems. Clearly families, children, and individuals themselves should not be exposed to such harmful chemicals within products. These products are not just found within food too. Toxic exposure can cause following issues to air, water, and even furniture.

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